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      Metal Prints Overview


      Upload any photo you love, from your computer, Facebook, Flickr or Instagram. When your order has been received, our in-house artisans will prepare your stunning Metal Print – just for you!

      METAL Print Sizes & materials

      There are many size combinations available. You’ll be able to select your height and your width to perfectly suit your photo and your space.

      Our choice product is 3mm Alupanel

      finishing options

      Brushed metal

      When you choose the Brushed Metal finish, the colours of your photo may appear slightly muted, allowing the silver to show through the lighter spots in your photo. This option adds a stunning effect.



      The colours on this type of metal print will show true to your original photo. You can feel and see the metal texture, but the silver will not show through your photo.

      Brushed Metal (left), Metal (right)

      mounting options

      When you start the process of ordering your Metal Print you’ll begin by selecting a Mounting Option. This will tell us what type of hardware, if any, you’d like included with your order. You can choose None for your Mounting Option and your Metal Print will be printed and left as is. This style is great for shelf-sitting.


      If you choose to have Stand-offs included in your order, you’ll receive 2 or 4 metal mounting pieces. (The quantity is pre-determined by size, you’ll receive the proper amount for the size of your print) They are either 0.5” or 0.75” diameter, also predetermined by the size of your print. There will be holes drilled in your metal where they can be fastened to your wall and will hold your metal piece either 0.5” or 0.75” out from the wall, respective to the diameter.


      Command Strips are pieces of double-sided adhesive that allow you to fasten your Metal Print to most wall surfaces. They are easy to use and allow your print to be moved to new locations without leaving any defects in your wall. You will receive the correct number of strips according to your print size.