Photo Puzzle Overview


A personalized puzzle is the perfect gift for that puzzle-lover in your life. You can upload any photo (quickly and easily!) from your computer, mobile device, Facebook, Instagram or Google Photos. Once received, your photo will be printed on a blank puzzle containing the number of pieces you have pre-chosen. Your new treasure will arrive in a classy white linen box with the photo mounted on the top for easy viewing. 

photo puzzle Sizes

8” x 5.5”             28 pieces
13.5” x 10.5”   20 pieces
16.5” x 12”       285 pieces
24” x 18”           500 pieces
28” x 19”           1000 pieces
All sizes listed are available
in both landscape and portrait formats


We are still printing photos!
We have made some adjustments and for the short term we cannot offer you products other than prints.
You are still able to create online and even place orders, but Photo Prints will be the only items actually produced until further notice.
Production time may be slightly slower than usual but we will do our best!